Penetrating Damp

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp or moisture ingress is an issue that can affect any building. It can look harmless but can be damaging to a property even if it does not penetrate all the way through a wall. It often leads to other damp issues such as wet rot, damp plasterwork, increased heat loss, damp musty smells, frost damage into masonry and unsightly water damage on both the inside and outside of a property.

How is penetrating damp caused?

Penetrating damp is caused by issues with the building or plumbing where a problem has allowed water to enter the property. It could be caused by defective pointing, cracks in masonry, broken gutters, defective plumbing, a broken down pipe or even from increased ground levels around the walls of your property.

Signs of penetrating damp include:

  • Watermarks that appear and grow.
  • Damaged plaster.
  • Random damp patches on walls that don’t dry out.
  • Black mould growth.
  • Musty smells.
  • We damaged timber.

Fixing a penetrating damp problem

The first step to fixing a penetrating damp issue is to identify and fix the source of moisture that is causing the problem. Once the source of the moisture has been eradicated, it is possible to repair any plaster or damaged timber.

Willow Renovations can resolve the full range of external building defects which have caused penetrating damp, identify any timbers needing replacement and propose a specification for necessary repairs.